Is this a good deal??

Miss Chief

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It's not too bad. make sure you're getting Vista 64 bit so you can add extra memory if required.

You could certainly build one for less but if you're after a 'one-stop' solution that's OK.
I've just bought a couple of those for the kids. They're pretty good, lovely looking although the shiny plastic tends to be something of a dust magnet.I was a bit dubious it being a Dell, I've always bought Vaios for home use in the past, as we used Dells at the place I used to work at and they were very plasticky feeling but the XPS models appear well made and solid to use.

I bought mine from Dell with 3Gb memory and 2x320Gb HDD Raid0 disks and it cost about £650.

Then got a couple of Dell E207WFP monitors for £170 quid each from Ebuyer.

My daughter, who's a World of Warcraft addict, reckons it's the mutts nuts..!.

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