Is this a good custom pc! (First build)


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Hey there i'm hoping you can help me.

Im Building a pc for the first time. I'm 15 and building it for christmas.

Heres the spec i have chosen!

cpu intel i5 2500k
Case have not picked one any ideas £100 and less.
Ram Corsair vengence ddr3 2x4gb
HHD Used seagaate 500gb sata ii (im gonna get new one when prices go back down)
GPU: asus gtx 560 ti
PSU Ocz 650 w
cd/dvdr A cheap one?
cpu cooler Enermax (rated high in pc format)
OS win 7
mobo asus p8z68 V pro ( got it for £120!)

So what you think?

Also how difficult is building? any cases out there that make the job easier?



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Also how difficult is building? any cases out there that make the job easier?

As long as you know roughly what goes where it's largely just a case of plugging plugs into sockets and cards into slots - which is no more difficult than plugging in the connectors on the outside of the PC.

There are a couple of tricky moment though. Getting the front panel connectors connected can require a couple of attempts as they're not always terribly well labled but putting them in wrongly usually doesn't result in any problems other than them not working.

The CPU heatsink is probably the worst bit, especially if you go for a very large and heavy heatsink as you have to keep it in place while applying just enough pressure to do up the clips but not enough to crack the CPU or the motherboard (which may be bending quite considerably).

As to cases, the two main things you want are:

1. Enough room, I'm not up to speed on the latest components but the 560Ti looks like a long card and many smaller cases won't accept the longest cards. Excessively tall coolers and motherboards that have CPU sockets very near the top can also result in the CPU cooler colliding with the side of the case or the power supply if they're too close.

2. Make sure the case has either a motherboard tray (removable or not) or bays with runners. I've seen cheap cases where the panel the motherboard is attached to has to be removed just to use one of the DVD/Hard Drive bays, which means pulling out all the PCI cards and potentially disconnecting everything attached to the motherboard.

As to helpful features, a removable motherboard tray is nice when building the system, although you'll never use it again and it does add weight and cost.


If you have the motherboard already it has a really good manual that near enough gives you step by step instructions to building the whole PC

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