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Is this a good choice for a 4k tv? (2000 to 2500 AUD budget)

Good choice for a 4k TV?

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Ultimate Gattai

Standard Member
Hi, I'm purchasing a 4k tv towards the end of the month and I've currently got my eyes set on this one:

LG 55UJ752T 55" Super UHD Smart LED LCD TV
Is this a good choice? I've got 2000AUD to 2500AUD to spend and I want at least 55 inches (with HDR, 10bit, ect...).

I'll be watching mostly tv and movies on it and occasionally playing games on it (I won't be playing games on it too often since I prefer my PC monitor).

I'm planning to pair it with this: Samsung UBD-K8500 4K HDR Blu-Ray Player and my vsx-528 (which I already own).

I would prefer to buy from JB-HIFI or some other place that can deliver TVs.


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I wouldn't expect particularly good HDR from that TV. I haven't seen a review of the UJ75 specifically but higher end models have retained last year's poor local dimming system so it would be a surprise if it was substantially better.

Direct conversion suggests that's £1180-1480 and at that price range in the UK I'd be looking at a Sony XE90 (X900E), Panasonic DX902, LG B6 or C6 and Philips PUS7601. Admittedly they're mostly at the top of the price range though.

The Philips may not be available, I don't know if TPV have the right to use the Philips brand in Australia and the Panasonic, LG and Philips models are last year's models so stock may be scarce.


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How does this Samsung one fair? Is it better or worse?

It's not even remotely comparable, it's a budget model with effectively no HDR hardware. I had to double check the size, I'd have expected 65" at that price.

For comparison that price is equivalent to £1,100 while the same TV costs £640 in the UK. The XE90 is much closer in price to what I'd expect to pay here, only a 10% difference.

Or are there any other on that site you would spring for? The Sony is tempting, but it's a bit more than I wanted to spend.

HDR's an expensive technology and this is the most expensive time of year for TVs, assuming the Australian market follows the same patterns as the European & North American ones.

It's worth finding a site that gives price history for Australian shops selling TVs and checking one of last year's models to see how it dropped in price after July 2016.

If you want to keep the price down and need to buy at the end of the month then you either need to look around for clearance stock of last years models or treat it as a non-HDR purchase.


Can't you find a higher range 2016 model instead? That Sony is okay, it's an improvement over last year's XD85 but it's HDR capabilities are limited to only having a wide colour gamut. If you can find a higher end 2016 model you will be better off.

Look for the tv's already mentioned by endless, tv's like Samsung's KS series are also better than the Sony you linked (eg KS8000) or even last year's don't XD93.

How do the prices of 2016 models compare?


It is a better TV than the KS8000 but it also cost $600 more. Right now I'm not sure that extra is worth it. But if you are willing to spend such an increase for a small benefit...or maybe you can't find the KS8000 anymore its certainly not as much of an horrendous difference like I have seen in the UK. The KS8000 isn't that of a great price either, its probably just different from here in the UK. Stock etc will be different in Australia I guess.


Distinguished Member
What's your opinion on this one? I just only discovered that Myer had an online store and does delivery.

X9000E Series - 55in LED LCD Ultra HD HDR Android TV

Wait, is this the same TV as the XE90?

Sorry yeah. Sony's model names change format across the world so the XE90 here is the X900E there. It's easy to forget and use the one I'm more familiar with.

At least it's not as bad as Samsung's changing model numbers, I can't tell if Xander is talking about the KS7000/KS8000 or KS8000/KS9000, presumably the former from the mentioned price difference.


Pretty much any country outside of EU tends to use model names more similar to North America. In AU the KS8000 is the KS7000 here, it looks to be a lot more overpriced there compared to here..if you still find them of course.

There are differences in some models..I can't see the Panasonic 58DX900 sold in Au for example, only the 65".

Sony, Samsung etc seem to follow the same names as NA. Panasonic have weird model names compared to here in the UK. I think last year at least.

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