Is this a good Amp/TV combination ?


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I've more or less decided to buy the Panasonic TX-P42G20 as a replacement TV and am looking at the Denon AVR1911 as a replacement for my busted JVC amp and PS3 to take advantage of Bluray and to play music CDs.

I watch mainly sport, Natural history and films on the TV and play a lot of music (mainly Rush, Porcupine Tree and similar).

Just wondering if this is a good combination of amp/TV or if there a better combo out there. I have a budget but am prepared to spend a bit more if needed to get the best setup.

I've gone for the Panasonic as they seem to have the consistently best reviews and the Denon products I have had have always lasted well (Have just had to scrap my old Denon cd player I bought in 1987).

If anyone has an opinion I'd be grateful of a reply



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Combination of amp and TV is not something you generally have to consider. They have little bearing upon each other.

I suggest you post in the TV forums for recommendation on your choice of TV and leave this thread open for choice of amp.


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What speakers will you be using. This will have an influence on amp choice.


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I'm not sure tonally where the Gale speakers sit though I don't think they're tonally warm. As you play a lot of music, assuming the Gales are neutral/bright I think you'd be better with the tonally warmer amps. The most popular in this category are the Denons and Yamahas. So, the new Denon 1911 is definitely a good contender.

If you're not interested in 3D TV (not sure if your new TV is 3D) you could save some money and get the Denon 1910 (the current model until the 1911 is released).

The only main difference is that the 1911 will have HDMI 1.4 which gives you full flexibility of 3D blueray player choice. The 1910 is HDMI 1.3, but will give 3D with Panasonic 3D blueray players as they have 2 HDMI outs; one for audio and one for video.

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