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Is this a good amp for under £300


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Hi All

I need a little help on choosing an amp.

I like the Denon AVR Range for looks and it would seem that you get a lot for your money

I have found the AVR 1907 cheapest for £249.90 Here http://www.petertyson.co.uk/ebuttonz/ebz_product_pages/denon_avr1907.shtml?gshop

This is the ideal price but if there is an amp that performs better for the money under £300 then please sugest it. :lease:

The use of the amp is to run 5.1 from my pc and to also play music from my dj setup.

Kind Regards Simon Pierce


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WOW ! :eek: thats a great price for that model the lowest I've seen it at is £319.00 !

The Denon 1907 got a great review in Home cinema Choice issue 146, 4 and a half out of 5.

What model for you depends on what you are connecting to it and how. Others on here will be more qualified to answer questions for you on that one.


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You could look at the Sony 910, available for around £270

Similar spec but with HDMI switching 3/1

Cant comment on the sound quality though as i havent heard either


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I don't want to misguide you - as I can't comment on the AVR-1907.

BUT if it's power is anything similar to the AVR-1906, IMO you can do much (MUCH) better with a Cambridge Audio 540r (V2), available for £270 (Richer Sounds).



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The Sony STR-DA1200ES looks good on paper and is £299 from Superfi.... not sure if it's better, but it's higher specced.


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As it is already heavily discounted and a quality model, the Denon 1907 will offer you great sound per pound. If you are looking for features the other new model I would consider would be an Onkyo 505. The new Onkyo range is getting top reviews all round and this baby of the range is only £250.

Second hand is also a good place to look. Features change very rapidly and there are always new processing modes making amps age fast. Regardless a £800 amp from 3-5 years ago will near always have better amplification components than a modern £400 amp. This will mean it has better control and dynamics than the newer model at the sacrifice of features like HDMI, Auto-Setup, Video Scaling, 7.1 etc.

The Arcam suggested for example would be excellent if you were looking for an AV amp that will get a good deal of music usage too. The issue I would see with this is that it was not one of the best Home Cinema amps for the money either when released. The Denon 3803 offered on this thread though was the beast of it's day:


To my experience that will wipe the floor with any of the discussed amps for home cinema :thumbsup:


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Ive just got a Cambridge Audio 540r version 1 from RC £179.00 my friends got a V2 we put them side by side no differance in sound well not to us anyway, a really good amp with movies and very good with music not bad for 179.00 :thumbsup:


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Thank you very much for your replies.

I think im atchaly goin to get the onkyo tx-sr 505

You should also consider the Onkyo HTR508 which Superfi are doing for £199.00. Its basically the same as the TX-SR505 but will only handle 5.1 rather than 7.1, and has no output for an extra set of front speakers. If you can live without these then you'll save 50 quid. I've just got one and am well pleased with it. In fact, theres a good case to make that its a better amp as it uses the same processing technology to power fewer outputs. Less internal electronics usually equals better performance. I can't state this catergorically as I've never heard a 505, but the reasoning is sound :thumbsup:

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