Is this a decent start?


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Im looking at getting my first proper surround sound setup.

I had my eye on the onkyo 605, but at around £400 its a big chunk of my budget. So as an alternative ive thought about the Sony STR DG910 at £250.

Now ill be planning on connecting Dvd, xbox360, projector (in future) and maybe pc in this system. Is the sony amp capable?

I was gonna pair it with some svs 5.1 speakers from the powerbuy.

What do people think?


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Not sure about the Sonys connections, but would imagine it'll be fine.
The SVS is a great choice though :smashin:


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Thanks for reply.

I was going to pair one of them cylinder subs with the svs, but its sticking a bit more cash ontop than i should really spend. Are the ones in the powerbuy good subs anyway?, and will they sell on at a decent price should i upgrade.

Sorry to talk about sub in this thread :),

input on the amp is still needed though ofc :)


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Are the cylinders any good? :rotfl:

You bet!

And you have to be mad to want to upgrade one of those.
Which is why I've just bought a PB13 Ultra :D


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The SVS are all good mate (that'll teach me to read the question properly).

Best bet, price/performance wise if you can fit one in, is the PB12 NSD at £400ish. Stunning value, IMO.
But guessing that you need a small one, as most people do, the SB12+ is excellent for it's size ;)


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I dont think i need a small sub mate. The room it will all be going into eventually will be 2.6m x 5.3m long. And pretty much dedicated to just cinema/games etc.

i think i might just try the sony amp, and pair it with the best svs 5.1 package (the 12+ sub)

but then im left thinking... a cylinder will be 200 quid more... hmm... if i sell some stuff!....


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Obviously, the more you pay, the better it gets.
I was just thinking about the money side.
Obviously, if you can afford it, the cylinders are great. One of those would really kick butt in a room that size :)

I'll have a quick mooch on the amps connections, seeing as no-one's come back yet, just to get back to the thread topic :smashin:


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I would think this lot should be fine for what you need. The only downside is that it has no HD sound decoding, as opposed to the Onkyo. How important that is, is up to you.
Here's the connection spec:

A V In Out (S-Video IO) Including Front AV

5/2 (0/0)

Audio In Out(excl. tuner)


Coax. (IN OUT)


Component Video D-terminal I O (grade)


Component Video In Out (Pass through)


Digital Input Assign


Front Input



3/1 (Repeater)

Monitor Out (S-Video Out)


Multi-channel In


Opt. including Front A V (IN OUT)




Pre Out

SW x4








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Thanks for responding in my thread mate, appreciate it.

Going to cram even more stuff into my head tonight i think, then hope to order something come monday.

Although my damn car has started leaking petrol again so thats gonna cost me :(

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