Is this a decent PC package?


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Not to the max as thats not the best card out. Doesnt come close. There are some games out just now that would make that card struggle.

You could do much better building your own PC but that can be too much trouble for some people.

Best card out just now that can play every game out just now on full settings would be an NVidia 7800.

Rather than Intel CPU's currently AMD 64bit CPU's are better for gaming.

1gig of ram is enough, but 2 gig would be better as there are some games out there that require it.

Everything else is not as important. As long as you have a decent PSU (power supply) that can handle the card and all the other stuff, then you should be fine.

Monitor wise, I recomend you invest in a monitor that can do 1920X1200 resolution as these are the kinds of resolutions many games use these days.


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Your paying for the monitor, the PC is..... well poxy and the graphics card is just about bottom of the pile.

Del Boy Smiffy

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I'll leave it then, i just need a new PC/Laptop and i need it on credit. :)


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Pah.. show me a reasonably priced graphics card that can run a game at 1920x1200 resolution with AA on at a decent framerate! 1280x1024 is plenty high enough with bells and whistles turned on to look fantastic and not unnecessarily put a strain on the GPU.


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Have to agree, AMD 64's are the only chip to build a gaming pc around.

Try having a look on they have some good deals for around that price plus they are fully customisable and have an outstanding reputation.[if you cba building your own that is :thumbsup: ]

edit: heres one for around your price range:


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mate I have just built a pc twice the spec of that for 800 quid

AN8 fatal1ty mobo
amd 3500 64bit venice
BFG 7800gt oc
2 gigs of crucal ram
and case and power and drives for 800

find someone to build you one steer clear of pc world they suc.


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