Is this a bad time to buy an AVR?


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At some point in the near future, when possible, we will want to buy a PS5, a 4K TV and an AVR and surround speaker package. Since the PS5 is still unobtainium there is no rush, but when looking around for an AVR I note that very few are 'next gen' console ready. By that, I mean that only a few support HDMI 2.1, support 4k120, Variable Refresh Rate and the other 'gaming' features. I'm actually surprised at this, and if feels like - no doubt due to the effects of global lockdowns - that the supply chain is simply not ready to start giving us next-gen AVRs. It's not like the manufacturers did not see the need for these features coming...

One AVR that I like the look of is the Yamaha RX-V6A, but like the other ones that "are" next-gen compatible, that is only true following an 'update', presumably to firmware of some kind. As I've just bought a new pair of stereo speakers and need amplification to go with them, it would be convenient to buy our AVR now, as it would be an OK holdover to drive the speakers with till I can get the amplification I really want. So I'm wondering if it will be OK to buy the Yamaha on the understanding that the 'update' is definitely going to arrive, will work and that I'm not buying something that might end up being bricked by a faulty update (an irrational fear, of course). And that it's going to do 4K120 with VRR over HDMI 2.1 properly from a PS5. I feel that's a reasonable ask, but apparently there are AVRs that don't work properly for this, so I'm nervous.

I dunno, apart from that need, I kind of think waiting till the summer is the best thing to do. Surely more amps will come out with next-gen gaming features, and at the very least HDMI 2.1. Would be even better if they started supporting DisplayPort too, but we can dream eh? Anyway, it definitly feels like a bad time to buy - too few AVRs have the next-gen features, and they aren't even working anyway, just "available as updates". There might be good deals on last-gen AVRs but a) they're literally no use to me - PS5 gaming is a minimum feature - and b) I am not looking for a high-end solution of any kind, just a functional AVR. Any AVR will be a huge upgrade over using our TV speakers as audio sources. FWIW I'm looking at Monitor Audio Bronze speakers, and possibly some others.

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If both the TV and the AVR have eARC ( enhanced audio return channel) you can connect your 4k120 sources to the TV and pass fall quality audio through to the AVR.

Might be handy!


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The Yamaha RX-V6A has it, we haven't given any real thought to the TV yet but eARC is on the shopping list of desired features, definitely.

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