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Is there still no random pictures ?


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After the update (very good) is there still no random slideshow ? This seems crazy if not , I do not want all my pictures in order I want them at random as it matters not how you have in the file they still repeat .


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I have been waiting for random/shuffle mode on photos as well - I simply cannot believe they don't have this.

Does the new Photo Gallery have it? (I haven' been brave enough to install the update). If it does, then at least it's something.....though we still need it in the standard Photo viewer. I love listening to music while watching a slideshow of my pics, but don't want them in order....gets boring after a while!

Do Sony developers actually use PS3s for anything practical??


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It does, but that's not the problem. To use this feature all your photos need to be on the ps3. The problem is that photos streamed to the ps3 via an LDAP media server cannot be randomised.

I do not want to move all my photos to the ps3 just to randomise them. Besides I'd need to get a bigger hdd in the ps3 to achieve it ;)

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