Is there much difference between an upscaled DVD and a HD-DVD in term of pic quality?


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I am thinking of getting an Oppo upscaling dvd player for my SD dvds and was wondering whether it's better if I just get a HD-DVD player instead.

Does the Oppo produce good pic quality on SD DVDs like a HD-DVD or is HD-DVD pic quality miles better?


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HD DVD is far better (I'm using the 360 HD Drive via VGA).

That said, when I ran a side by side comparison of Serenity (R1 DVD upscaled vs UK HD DVD - both 60Hz), I was impressed with how well the Oppo 971HD dealt with the DVD. At 480p, it looked naff in comparison to HD DVD, but once upscaled (I tried both 720p and 1080i), it looked considerably better. Not as good as HD DVD obviously, but there was a noticeable improvement in the picture quality. This was on a Samsung 32" LE32R74BDX by the way.

I plan to get the Oppo 981HD in January.


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HD DVDs contain about five times the video information of DVD, and I think that reflects the picture quality improvement when using a suitable display.


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