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Is there anything better than Bose V30 for the same money?


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I am Naresh, I am new to this forum! Hello to all the members and moderators! Hope everyones doin well.

I moved to a new place and bought myself a Pioneer KRP 500A tv. I am so impressed with the TV that i am struggling to find a sound system that matches the TV.

I received my Bose V30 cpl of weeks go and still not sure if I should keep it or send it back (it has a 30 day money back guarantee :) )

I am impressed with it so far. It sounds great with SKY HD box and my PS3. when watching movies the dialogue is crystal clear, and i can hear little back ground noises coming from the rear speakers and they are veey clear too. I am worried i might be too naive thinking its great as I dont find many good reviews for it on these forums. I have listened to a cpl of setups pioneer VSXLX52 with KEF KHT 2005.2 5.1 and also denon amp (cant remember model around £800 mark) connected to focal dome and b&w MT30 Speakers seperately!

I thought those setups were good with action sequences and sometimes overbearingly powerful (may be that could be solved by adjusting the base) but when it came to dialogues they werent as clear and gripping as the bose IMHO!

my complaints about bose V30 are it dont support HD audio! at this present time and age i think its not acceptable, but i think they still are on par or even better compared to the setups i heard. I get good quality sound from it and never any distortion even from low quality mp3's. it also upscales even a mono signal to 5.1!!!

well i am not sure if i compared like for like!!! I bought my V30 for £2000 which is a great deal as market value is £2600 and as my order was delayed by a week i am being compensated with a £250 Ipod dock! over all I got a great deal!

Pls I would like to see some Honest opinions and not from ppl that hate Bose!

Can anyone suggest anything that can beat V30 in the price range? and also i prefer compact systems if possible!!!

Any help would be much apprecciated!




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I picked up some Acoustic Energy satellites for use with my REL Q150e. This coupled with a Sony 2400 amp has proven to be a real success. There are so many sub/sat/amp combinations that you could get that that kind of money, most of which will be better than a Bose system. I've nothing against Bose systems, I just think they sound harsh and have never been that impressed with their sound, though always am happy to audition anything.

I'd get yourself to several hi-fi dealerships and do some listening this weekend.

Enjoy your research. :)


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As nice as Bose is you simply cannot escape the fact that all of it's products are incredibly over priced. I would send it back and take some time auditioning some other gear. You could always re order it if you don't finf anything you like . For 2K you could buy a cracking Onkyo amp and the kef 3005 se and have enough change for a blu ray player


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hi guys,

thanks a lot for your replies. I have decided to send my system back. now i am left with a daunting task of finding a good av receiver, speakers etc etc. i heard pioneer vsx-lx52 with kef 3005SE speakers and they sounded amazing. i also tried it with two floor standers and center from kef IQ series in front. I still thought there was something missing from the dialogue, dialogue is not as good as bose V30 imho!!!! in every other aspect the set beat v30 hands down in terms of sound clarity, sound effects, realism etc etc. which amp would you guys recommed around £1000 mark which would meet my above requirements? re the dialogue i aint sure if its the centre channel thats not good or if its problem with the receiver, we tried to up the centre channel to no use imo!!!



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