Is There Any Simple Editing Software That Doesn't re-encode Trimmed AVCHD Clips?


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The situation is as follows....

My 'video editing' rarely goes beyond simply trimming clips and joining them together, so for SD mpeg clips I always used Womble Mpeg/DVD Wizard which is great little program that doesn't re-encode any video or audio if you just 'trim' clips.

However after recently purchasing a Panny HDC20 camcorder I've moved into the high def (AVCHD) realm. I use the bundle software to edit clips which is slow and laborious compare to other software I've used. I'm not sure if re-encodes when I simply trimp clips and output to AVHCD.

Either way it's a poor basic piece of software for even the most basic of editing.

So what are the alternatives and do they always re-encode or at least 'smart render'?

The big names like Vegas and Premier are a bit of an overkill for my needs and I was hoping for something similar to Womble.
I've tried a trial version of Ulead x2 pro but it just keeps crashing when committing to disk.
TMPGs latest 'HD' editing/authoring software doesn't output to AVCHD, so that rules that old fave out.

What's left or is it too early yet for the software to catch up with the hardware, which always seems to be teh way.


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Nero 9 has a 'smart' encode mode that only re encodes when it needs to. I believe you can trial it, so maybe worth a look.
I'd be surprised if the Panasonic software re-encodes the whole lot. AVCHD does require quite a lot of computing power, so maybe that's why it seems slow, even if it is only re encoding around the edit points?

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