is there any LCD with 1080p support using Vga input?



I have a Xbox 360 with Vga cable and I want to use it as an HD-DVD player, but a lot of 1080p LCD only accept a maximum of 720p using vga input so I will be very grateful if someone knows a good 1080p LCD that also accepts 1080p using Vga. I have find 3 nice 1080p but I do not know if they only accept 1080p via HDMI:( Acer 4250T, LG37lY95, Sony KDL-40W2000 have somebody tried one of these with vga input?


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the sony 40w2000 does apparently handle 1080p over vga although it does not say it in the manual. :smashin:


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I had the same problem when looking for a LCD set, in the end I decided to just go with the 360 over component, which looks great anyway.

Of course the big drawback of this is that the 360 will not upscale DVD and only supports HD-DVD to 1080i. But the TV does an excellent job at upscaling source and I have a dedicated upscaling DVD player and would probably buy a standalone HD/BlueRay player in the future anyway.

BTW on my set (Tosh 42X3030DB) i've started running the 360 in 720p and let the TV upscale it to 1080p as it appears slightly better, although to be honest I have a hard job telling the difference.


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Hi, the Samsung LE40M87BDX will also do 1080p over VGA...

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