Is there an HDMI to RG Coaxial converter?


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I am searching for an HDMI to RG Coaxial converter, I thought it would be an easy search. I found an HDMI 4K out signal to three-way splitter for cheap. Now I need the HDMI to Coax converter. I found one on Alibaba but I would need one for each split at $100 each. I could send the 4K signal to the big screen and then split the coax to our workshop and upstairs. That combination would sell a lot. I can't believe I am the only one that has HDMI and multiple TVs. There is a Coax out on my kitchen Spectrum decoder and it worked beautifully so I may use that to split into the front bedroom while keeping HDMI in the kitchen. I demonstrated that side by side. It would have been easy had my Spectrum DVR or living room TV had Coax out.

In Ohio I was able to get around the new Bluray copyright restrictions at the time that allowed only one TV use and scrambled the signal for any secondary TVs. At Best Buy I bought a signal generator for under $20 so our family could watch the same Bluray movie while doing chores around the house. To this day I have never heard of anyone duplicating that. The signal in the secondary TVs was good, but not to the quality of the main TV in the living room. With what I witnessed in the kitchen the signal was good on both TVs.


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What you need is a modulator to send the signal as an RF signal. This will be 1080i rather than 4k but will be stable and easy to distribute to other TVs, showing up as a channel to tune into.

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'That combination would sell a lot' - apart from they are pretty hit or miss in terms of working reliably and folk don't like the drop in image quality/input signal limitations when they do work.

Most HDMI 'distributed' systems will be run over CAT cables which can be accomplished relatively cheaply and is stable - Video Over IP and HDMI Video Connectivity Solutions. – Video over IP . Controls . HDMI Switching


PS If you have to use the Coax cable try HDTVsupply - they have options, HDMI to Coax Converter


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Both were excellent suggestions. I had two RF signal converters in storage, even put them out at garage sales I've had over the past 15 years but no one had been interested, or even know what they were used for. They should have worked but didn't so I bought one online at Best Buy to be picked up in the parking lot at the store. I believe most Best Buys are handling social distancing differently. The Insignia cost $24.95. It took five minutes to test, then split and run wires took an another hour. It worked. The analog signal on the smaller TV in our small upstairs room was hardly noticeable that it had a lower resolution. The big screen in my wife's workshop was like looking at a TV in 1984. She can watch from the Roku for high resolution movies. Thanks for jumping in, stay safe.

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