Is there an App to tag MP3 files?


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Does anyone know of an App that can add genres and ratings to MP3 files on my iPhone 4S, and then sync these genres and ratings with my main music library on my PC?

I know ratings are actually tagged in the file, but genre would be great. (I put a lot of albums in my library but I always tag each track individually rather than automatically tag a whole album as one genre.)



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Why not tag on your computer and re-import the songs? Seems a novelty factor to seek to do everything on your iPhone for the sake of it


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Who said I was trying to do it for the sake of it?

I listen to a lot of music on the go, some of it for the first time. It would be convenient to tag it there and then, rather than whenever I'm back at my PC. Same as if I want to correct a spelling or similar. There's nothing novel about that. Am surprised I can't find any app to edit tags.


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There can't be any app that does that, because all official apps live inside containers isolated from the rest of the system (called jails, hence 'jailbreak' when you remove that protection).

Apps don't have direct access to your music files, they just ask iOS to play them and that's it. So they can't change tags.


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Ah, that explains it then. Thanks for the details. Also explains why you can't edit tags inside the Music app! Pity though...

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