Is there an all in one with Freeview?


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I'm trying to source an all in one system for my brother but he says he really wants one with Freeview built in. I'd had a look but haven't found any yet.

Anyone know any better? :lease:


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richersounds are doing the LG-DAT200 which is just this for £120. Less than half price.

to make multi region open the tray, press 0 (zero) on the zapper 7 time, then pause and close the tray.

Not too bad a system. Freeview is robust enough, prob not the best picture out there and doesn't support topup tv, is also a little slow on channel change.

Sound is OK but at this sort of money who's to complain!

You could always try it and take back if you dont like it.


am thinking along the same lines have you looked at the Hitachi htd-k185, prices vary from £140 - £200, but try ebay, some advertised there new for £100

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