Is there a website that finds you the best train fare?


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I got a Midland Mainline brochuer through the door yesterday.

London from £12 return.....

Hmm, got my cousin visiting me in a few days. Take a trip to London.

Go onto their website.

So :censored: user UNfriendly:mad:

You put the date in then click on get best fares and it display the cost for travel each way.

However, if there aint a price that's right you can't (full stop) scroll forward or back a day to see if theres a better fare:mad:

All you can do is scroll forward a couple of hours so it would take hours upon hours to locate a cheap price on a day that suits.

You have to go right back to the home page to start again!!

Totaly deliberate they way it's been done so you can't find cheap fares easily. Well done Midland Mainline for advertising seats from £6 one way yet making it so bloody frustrating to find em!

I'm just owndering if theres a site (like Skyscanner for airlines) that is user friendly and does help you find cheap fares?


Moderator ? I think



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Just had a check and their webiste appers to function in exactly the same way as midland mainline.:(

Realy :censored: me off when these companies advertise such great fares yest make it so awkard to find the :censored:s.:rolleyes:


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Unfortinately, supply the back end and user interface for nearly all the train companies web sites. It's a case of spending the time and trying differnet dates.

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I spent half of sunday trying to get info on a train journey I took yesterday (monday). I did the ususal web search, and found lots of sites. lt's as you describe. Getting info is murder, and then when I wanted the price of the ticket, I had to register with the site- which I did not do.

I found a phone number and thought I'd give that a go, until I saw it was £1 a minute.

I did eventually find a price through a friend going to the station and asking for me. When I got there on the day I travelled, I got it even cheaper because I was offered a day saver- something not offered on the site (AFAIK).
Train travel is generally extortionately expensive. I only used it because someone else was paying and told me to travel by train.

Come back British Rail- almost all is forgiven. At least you knew where to find train times and ticket prices.

If there is a good rail info site, I didn't find it.


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Had to buy some tickets yesterday, as I'm going to visit family over the weekend. My advice would be to go visit your local train station's ticket office, and try to find a suitable day/time with them, and then let the train ticketing staff sort out all the hassle about getting you the cheapest tickets. It took about 15 minutes for me yesterday, and another 15 minutes to queue, but it beats their crummy online website, which - in my not so humble opinion - is a complete bunch of toss!



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i use all the time, and manage to pick up, London - Durham, for £36 for most journeys, even at weekends.

I always book in advance though, don't fancy the on-the-day prices, i ain't made of money!

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