Is there a way to solve RGB signal?


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Thanks for the replies on my previous post of a bad RGB signal, which is supposed to be the best..After a reply from shaun the problem seems to be that there is a fault with the 747 connected through RGB to a Panasonic TV.( which is mine)

Is there a way to solve this myself with a purchase of another connection ie: componant to S-video scart? to get the quality of the picture that I purchased this DVD for.

Or do I take it back and ask to fix the problem or even to swap machines.
The main reason for purchasing this machine was the picture quality I read in masgazines. The DVD-a and SACD was a nice add-on, but a really clear picture the most. I am very disapointed at the moment and not sure which direction to go in.

Thanks for your help if you reply,


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I don't know what your problem is with your DVD player and TV and I'm being to idol to search. :blush: Pany TV's take a bit of tweeking to get the best out of them for some reason. Have a look at this thread called "Flicking Hell" posted by Juboy. There is a link I posted to a web page that tells you how to get into the service menu on the TV and how to make some adjustments to the TV's set-up. It might help you a little bit.:)

Edit::blush: Found your thread just down the page. Sounds Like adjusting the DVCO setting may help your problem out.

Not teaching you to suck eggs but a few other things to try if the DVCO adjustment doesn't help. Make sure you have your Scart in socket one on the TV which is the RGB enabled connection. Also make sure you have selected RGB to be output in the DVD's set-up same go's for Svideo if you have to use that. Also make sure you have selected the correct AV channel on the TV if it doesn't switch to it correctly.

What sort of scart cable have you got I would recomend the Sqart by QED a excellent mid range scart lead. If you get the fully wired version it will be great for svideo too.:)


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Is there a way to solve this myself with a purchase of another connection ie: componant to S-video scart?

Component is not compatible to RGB nor S-Video and usually not carried via Scart.
You can however connect using S-Video but if the player is really faulty I rekon to get it fixed.

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