Is there a way of playing NTSC games on a 50Hz HDTV?


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I own a NTSC game for my PS3 and understand they play at 60Hz, so on a 50Hz SD TV would be black and white and the rest. I currently have my PS3 hooked upto a Monitor so it runs fine but I am about to purchase a Panasonic TX-32LXD80 which is 50Hz to play my PS3 on.
I don't fancy connecting my PS3 upto my monitor every time i want to play my NTSC game so wondered if there was a solution to playing it on the HDTV without he black and whiteness.


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Most LCD TVs support 50Hz and 60Hz, do you have a NTSC source to try it with?


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yes, I have a PS3 but I havn't yet made the order for the TV which I will be in a couple of days. I was just wondering as it would be an issue once i have the TV. It wouldnt stop me getting the TV but it would be an annoyance.
I did a quick google search on the Panasonic TX-32LXD80 and it only comes up as 50Hz since thats what we use in the Europe and 60Hz is what th US use and that is why this import game I have may not work on the Panny.


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awww great. thanks for that although i shouldn't of needed to make a thread about something that with a little more thorough research, I could of discovered myself.
Cheers for taking your time to help :thumbsup:


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For a set to be HD Ready it has to be able to display 60Hz signals. Xbox 360 and PS3 games run at 60Hz.

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