Is there a UE37B6000 or UE37B7000 coming to the uk?

al catraz

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Can anyone clarify the model range of LED tvs from Samsung? Their site doesn't mention anything less than a 40" model, yet Dixons are offering a UE32B6000, and I can see one or two UK sites with UE37B6000 models "coming in June" ...
If they're releasing more models in the UK, are they likely to release a 37" 7000 series at any stage this year?

steveo 79

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i found a brochure for the 6000 series online somewhere (cant seem to find it now tho) said there were 32",37",40",46 and 55inch versions, all seem to have the same specs.

Maybe samsung were releasing them in stages as i can only find a couple of places selling the 32 & 37 inch ones on pre order for mid june?

steveo 79

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ah yeah that was the 1!

Interestingly advertised as tvs for hotels! i think iv been staying in the wrong places

if you've got the room then an extra week or 2 will be worth the wait for the 37 imo


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And some other retailers if you look at Pricerunner but Novatech has at a competitive price


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I have just bought the UE37B6000 TV and the picture is not that good yet i may have to upgrade to HD, also No Scart socket to plug the cable box into only normal Aerial Socket Any ideas
Simply electronic have got it too :):

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The 37" sets seem to be pretty rare IMo but the 32 (what I have got) & 40"+ sets are every where. With regard to the scart, mine came with an adapter which converts regular scart into a set of leads which plug into the TV :cool: ...check with your supplier if they were not supplied! Also SD picture with this set is OK but you really need HD to fully stress it.
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Thanks for that i have now got the scart adaptor :thumbsup: and the picture is miles better, i will invest in the HD upgrade with Virgin it works out at £5 a month

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