Is there a swivel mount for TVs on a normal stand?


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Looking at a new TV and currently ours is on a normal glass shelved stand in the corner. For viewing sometimes we require it to be pivoted a little, so as it's on a pivot stand (Samsung in built one), it can turn quite a few degrees fine.

Now I'd neglected to think about this previously but now on looking at some large screen TVs, I've realised some have stands that are not pivot, the type that are solid/split into two etc that I presume won't allow you to turn/pivot the TV.

So what do others do in this situation, I won't be wall mounting, can you buy some sort of swivel mount for TVs that are on a TV stand? Or any other suggested solutions please.



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Thanks for that. Suppose depends on the type of stand the TV has. As looking a lot of TV stands now are split at either end, or going to be bigger than this...


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Not sure how light the TV is and if its going to be ok to twist it on the stand.

Also I think I may want to sit the soundbar I have under the TV, and its below on a shelf currently. Is there anything that allows the TV inbuilt stand to sit on to raise it a little

its this TV

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