Is there a switcher for 3.5mm jack plugs?


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Hi, i've got an old 2.1 sound system(was actually for my PS2 years ago). Currently I have my PC connected to it via a 3.5mm jack out of the PC into the back of the subwoofer. It has one and only one 3.5mm jack input on it..

I was also thinking of hooking my DVD player up to it..going phono(red and white) out of the player into the 3.5mm jack socket on the woofer. Which does just wondering if rather than having to always unplug one and plug in the other..if there is a switcher that I can plug both into and just switch between depending on which im using?


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Okay..just so im sure I understand what this would do..

Would I need to have 3 different cables for this?

1. a jack to phono so that I could go out of my PC 3.5mm jack socket..into that switcher.

2. a phono to phono to go out of my DVD player into that switcher.

3. a jack to phono to go out of that switcher into the jack plug socket on the back of the subwoofer?

Would that make sense?

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