Is there a simple solution to this?

Dear AVForum-ers,
I have what I hope is a simple to solve problem, but I'm getting stuck looking for a solution to it, so I thought I would ask people who have a lot more experience than me for some pointers (thanks in advance).

The scenario:
There is a lighting circuit in a bathroom. There is a single pole switch, with neutral and ground to the switch box. This switch controls a circuit that has a light and a bathroom fan in series. When the switch goes on, both the light and fan go on, and when the switch goes off they both go off immediately because the current gets cut. What I'm aiming for is a way to have power to the fan constantly, so I can put in a humidity-sensitive fan that will switch on as needed. So, I need a way of switching the lamp on and off without cutting current to the circuit. Preferably not a dimmer, just on/off.

Things I'm hoping to avoid:
I would really prefer to be able to do this without relying on any hubs, or any wifi connections, or having to use a mobile to switch the light on and off. I would just like it to work from the wall switch with minimum techno-fragility. I suppose I don't mind if the system comes with other smart ways of turning the light on and off, but I don't want to have to rely on a functioning hub/wifi-router for the system to work, and I still want to use a wall switch (mobile phone interface-only solutions won't really work for the person I'm doing this for). I don't think that an extensive home automation refit is an option, it's just this one circuit.

The solution I hope exists:
I supposed ideally I would like to have some small, simple (and ideally cheap) modules that I can put into the switch box and the lamp fixture to achieve this control, which a somewhat competent DIY-er can install (i.e. me).

I've looked into this a bit, but there is a ton of options out there, which seem to unfortunately be one of a) prone to fragility due to reliance on hubs etc b) crazy expensive for doing such a simple job.

Does anyone have a advice they can give?


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