Is there a Service menu for the Sony KV-X 2962?


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This is a HiBlack Trinitron Sony 4:3 TV, it is about 8 years old and I was wondering if there is a way to get into the service menu of this TV.

Any one know?



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Turn the set on with front switch while holding down two of the front panel buttons, release them after a couple of seconds. Screen should display TT.
Not 100% sure this applies to your model, but it works with my KV-X2572


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Ok it does display TT when I do what you said

Then what do I do to get into the menu?


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Continue as follows:-

on remote>Menu>Demo. This allows you to access the various settings, but remember the golden rule Change Nothing without noting the original setting.
To leave service menu key 00.
Hope this helps, what is it you're trying to adjust?


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I have buggered up the geometry settings and I didn't write the originals down,

HowieC: Can you tell me what your settings you have your Geometry on?

Its Menu :CXA 2018 on my TV, not sure what your one says though, please reply ASAP


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Oh Dear!
I have some bad news and some worse news.
I replaced the set last week, and I havent a copy of the settings.
I'm not sure my settings would have helped though, because they are very different depending on what CRT the set has.
I have a copy of the service manual and the only settings it quotes are

Once all the settings are changed its a bit like setting up after changing the CRT very tricky.

One of the service manual pages has pictures of what each adjustment does. I havnt got a working scanner at the moment but if you have a fax I'll get a copy to you. Or post you a copy if you want, let me know.


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Nah, thats ok HowieC, I have adjusted it back so it looks just about straight and no curves.

P.S what set is your replacement?

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