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Is there a recorder with freeview,hdmi,divx,h-drive & dual layer?


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can anyone tell me if there is a dvd recorder that, has built in freeview, a hdmi connection, can handle divx/avi/xvid etc, has a hard drive ( doesn't really matter what size, though larger than 80 gig would be good!), and can record on dual layer discs + or -?

If you know of such a recorder I would love to know, as I keep searching and find most have some criteria but not all.

Any help would be greatly appreciated?:smashin:




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Are you sitting comfortably?,then I shall begin.Look here:http://www.pioneer.co.uk/uk/products/42/125/501/DVR-940HX-S/index.html#mainFeatures.Seems to tick all your boxes but costs £1100,:devil:.Also the DVR-545HX-S,I tried to post a link but it did not work.I dont think any other recorders have all of these features,if there is they wont be cheap either.Possibly best using a dvd/hdd recorder and a player with hdmi,divx,etc to get best value/performance but with two boxes under your telly.Ps,DVR-545HX-S costs from £350 to £400,try looking at pricerunner or froogle for more details.

Fast Jon

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If you buy your Panasonic DMR-EX75/85 from continental Europe it will support DivX, so all your boxes will be ticked. However, I would advise you to double check whether the Euro-spec DVB-T tuner will work with UK freeview.


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Thanx guys for your feedback, I think for the time being I will have to compromise, and have a seperate freeview box.:)

Merry Christmas..


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Hi again, forget the last post and...

Forget having to compromise....

Thanx fast jon, I wasn't sure if the dmr-ex75 played divx, most reviews/specs info fail to mention it, but you're right it does, so i'll check about the dvb-t, and i could be on to a winner!!

Thanx volvofan and kaboodle fish, both look very tempting, but the pioneer is well out of my price range(good job i was sitting down when i saw the price!!), and the reelbox looks very interesting, but i think i would need to investigate the product further.

Again thanx for all the feedback.:clap:

Cynthia 7

Hi vegasbaby,

Nice to see you on the forums.

Sorry to disappoint you but I don't think the European model is suitable for u.k.

There is a long thread about this. On the top right of the page, click on the blue banner section of "Search this Thread". This will open a box and type in it European DVD Recorder. There is a lot about the Panasonic recorder in it as others had hoped to buy it.

I briefly read some of it at the time but can't remember what was said. I ended up buying the Pioneer 545HX. Not cheap though.:eek:

Good luck you can find something suitable.

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