Is there a recommended size for creating you own 'metathumb' files?


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I've just been reading that a metathumb file is simply a renamed jpg.
Looking at the metathumb files that the WDTV box stores, seems they are approx 160w x 230h pixels.

Is there a maximum size for a metathumb? and is there a recommended useful size?




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After a bit of experimentation on the WDTV...

1) metathumb and JPG appear to be the same and both work just as well on the WDTV.
2) Up to about 30K for an image size seems to be sufficient to look OK.
3) Key thing is to make the images 1:1.5 ratio so that they look good as they will then fit well into the display boxes that the image is displayed in.
4) If grouping movie directories under a genre directory say 'Horror', a jpg or metathumb in the genre folder displays and improves the look of the thing.


Sorry if this is all a bit basic, I'm just starting to get to grips with the WD box.


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