Is there a name for people who don't like surround sound?


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Aside from "freak"?

Seriously, has anyone encountered this? My wife doesn't like surround sound. At all. She's never liked the cinema, although I put that down to the fact that most cinemas actually have pretty crap sound, a half decent system with the volume way too high.

I finally installed a small system at home and we watched our first film on it tonight, she still doesn't like it. She doesn't like hearing sound from anywhere other than right in front of her at the screen.

Ah well. Most of our joint viewing is in the big living room anyway, but for the annual movie marathons (Alien, John Wick, LOTR etc) she'll just have to suck it up!


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I can't think of anything in this instance. Well nothing that wouldn't be considered "stereo-typical" in nature! 🤣🤣


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Mine is a big horror nut, so loves the added immersion of surround sound and Atmos.


My wife likes the clarity and ease of listening that a good surround sound system brings even though she insists on sitting well of axis. She'll probably be just as happy with a good soundbar to be honest.
How does she cope in the real world as sound doesn’t come from directly in front of you when out and about.

A really well put together surround sound system should mimic what you hear in the real world and sound more natural than direct sound coming from in front of you!!

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