Is there a media player which is 12v?

I have a camper van and our tv is good with an Amazon Fire Stick but sometime we are not with a mobile signal.

The TV have a built in DVD disc player but it does not work well.

Instead of a new TV I wanted to find if there are any little media player boxes which can accept usb stick or similar to play media. Ideally to be powered with a USB from the TV or a 12v supply.

Does anyone know of one?


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Virtually all the cheap Android TV boxes are either 12V or 5V. They come with a mains adaptor but you can power them straight from 12V or 5V.
Watch out for powering from a TV's USB socket; these tend to provide a very "dirty" supply which whilst it won't damage things can cause erratuc behaviour.


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A Raspberry Pie works from 5v USB.

Get a RPI4 kit like this and use libreelec with micro SD card.

This will give you an OS which runs Kodi media player and gives you USB media playback with a very nice interface and lots of features. The TV remote will work with it via HDMI-CEC, if not happy with that the Flirc will allow you to use any physical IR remote with it.

And you should you attach a USB DVD PC drive it will play DVD's directly.

The FireTV can run kodi via side loading or purchasing the app store approved spin off MrMC but the FireTV has limitations with USB drives (FAT32 so 4GB max files size) and will not work USB DVD drive.


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What TV do you have, Avtex TV's will play media from a USB plugged into it, but I guess it would depend on what the formats of the media are that you want to play

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