Is there a media player that isn't rubbish?

Not play MKVs??!!!!

It will play MKV’s yes, but it’s only just been agreed how to play dual layer DV in that format - so will probably be the next generation of players that can do that particular iteration.
Haven't posted to this thread in a while.

3D fans might like to know that the OSMC Vero 4K+ now does a tolerably good job of playing MVC 3D with frame-packed output. You need to install a test version of the software (with version 4.9 kernel), but it's fairly stable. Image quality is good, and it correctly handles 3D PGS subtitles (displaying them with the correct depth info).

There are a few 3D titles (notably Avatar and Gravity) that have occasional pulses of macro-blocking. This is apparently the result of a microcode problem, meaning it won't be fixed soon, as it needs help from the manufacturer; but I think there's a chance it'll be fixed eventually.

In the mean time, if you're the sort of person who likes to remux 3D blu ray video with Atmos audio taken from a 4K blu ray rip, the Vero 4K+ could be a good choice.
Egreat A8 still going strong after 2 years of daily use, I even use it as IPTV via prefect player, the android market is a bit crap (mostly in chinese) but you can load apk via network or usb.
It has played everything I have thrown at, even 100gb 4k files from a Seagate central NAS. Atmos via Denon X3400H is spot on.
Recent online update as made it less buggy and a good all round machine.

Was recently looking at the Q100 Himedia but bit pricey at the mo.....
Also, a mini-review of the Amazon Fire Stick 4K:


Primarily intended as an Internet streamer, but you can install Kodi on it and use it as a LAN streamer too.

The Good

Good value for money.

Gives you 4K HDR with frame rate switching in Prime Video app.

Dolby Vision available in Netflix and Disney+.

The Bad

Most of the standard apps are a bit crap (and don't do frame-rate switching), but there are alternatives available - for Netflix and Disney+ you can use Kodi add-ons; for YouTube there's one called Smart Tube Next.

WiFi performance is a bit iffy. You can buy a USB Ethernet adaptor for it, but do not buy the standard Amazon one, as it's limited to 100Mb/s. Try this one instead.

The Ugly

Can't pass through Atmos audio from 4K blu ray rips. Can pass through DTS-HD, and can decode TrueHD to 7.1 PCM. (The latter is a little fiddly).

Can handle HLG - but frustratingly can't access 4K/HLG streams in iPlayer.

There's something subtly not-quite-right about the image quality. I can't quite put my finger on what it is. (Maybe it's just nocebo effect!)

It can output 23.976Hz, but not 24.000Hz. This means it skips frames on 24.000Hz content on Netflix (which includes most of the films that got a cinema release, e.g. The Two Popes, or El Camino ).

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