Is there a huge differrence between 1200 and 1500 lumens?


Sorry guys, I don't mean to swamp the forum with threads started by me, but I have found your help extremely useful thusfar, and I can't find a straight forward answer to my questions anywhere else...

About 3.5 years ago I owned a VPL-ES2 which had 1 500 lumen output with 350:1 contrast (if I remember correctly).

I'm quite interested in the Hitachi TX100 (mostly for financial reasons) and the lumen output is a bit less at 1 200. The contrast is however much higher.

What exactely does 1 200 lumen output mean? Would the room have to be completely dark? Somebody with experience with a TX100 might best know that answer.

Thank you so much for all your help :)


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From various reviews ive read on the net anything above 1000 lumens is usualy ok for some light in the room like crappy blinds that let the light seep through them.

Projectors with a higher lumen lighting like the TW600 (1600 lumens) have reviews of people watching them in broad daylight, curtains open etc and think the picture is fantastic still.

Then again you have people who calibrate projectors in a totally light controlled room (e.g. pitch black) to around 200 to 400 lumens for the best picture quality but if you turned a light on in this environment then the picture would almost vanish.

I also read that you can visibly see the difference in 1 lumen increments!

Projectors also come with different colour modes like dynamic, natural and cinema. A cinema mode would be used at night and dynamic would be used in the day so you dont have to mess about with loads of settings.

And on a final note. The higher the lumens the faster the fan spins on the projector causing more noise.


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