Is there a HDD audio component?


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I have what I regard as my perfect hi-fi system.

Technics SL1210 turntable

Yamaha DSPa3010 amp

Yamaha digital tuner

Philips CD player

Sony Professional cassette player / recorder

4 large B and W speakers DM series.

What I could do with is something with a hard disc drive to load mp3 files from the computer to play on the hi-fi.

Preferably something 430mm wide. A full sized piece.

Any thoughts, you experts?


I've never used one, so don't know if they are any good but what about This. Have a look around the site as there may be others.



On the same site I also found This, but it is a discontinued item so stock levels are low.



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yeah i have a sony one that i advertised on these forums, it is 40gb , but you cannot rip mp3 CDs. you ghave to burn the mp3 on to a CD and then burn from CD to sony (this also transfers CD text)
if you're intersted let me know and i can send you the link to it as i have advertsised it now on a popular auction website,


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Anyone know of any decent digital HDD recorders?

That Acoustic Solutions one is slightly too small at 40gb.



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If you have a really good Hi-Fi system (really 'Hi') then you might might find MP3s to be too much of a compromise. Great for portability, but the quality loss involved in the compression really only makes it acceptable as 'medium' fidelity rather than truely 'high'.
There are products on the market which will allow you to 'back up' your music CDs to hard drive exactly as they are - no extra quality-diminishing compression or anything like that. What I'm aiming for (haven't quite got the funds just yet) is the Linn Kivor, which holds around 2500 hours of uncompressed music.
It is describer here:
- and you can find plenty of reviews via google.
Of course, you do need to use a very good quality CD deck to copy the CDs from in the first place.

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