Is there a HD ONLY recorder?

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by fuc847, Jul 10, 2004.

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    Hi, like most of you, i only plan on using the recorder as a TV recorder for shows etc. I personally dont really need to have them on any media, so are there any HD ONLY recorders (w/o the dvd record function).

    I'm looking for a price range of $300 CDN max

    However, I've been reading this 'DVD-RAM' thing, and it seems to be a cheap viable solution to what i want. Basically i buy a DVD RAM disk and just put it in the Recorder and leave it there forever(since it can rewrite many times w/o flaws) :p But do all DVD recorders support recording DVD RAM media..? I see lots of DVD-R and DVD-RWs, but not DVD-RAM...

    For people who have expierence in recording tv shows using dvds, are 'skipping' or 'errors' common while recording..? I mean, in PCs, lots of coasters happen during dvd record so i was wondering...

    ANd one more question, do the prices of such 'new' technology drop quickly..? Say if i waited for 2 or more months, how much would they drop do u think?

    I'm currently eyeing Panasonic DMR E55 right now.. but even that's $500 CDN :(
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    To be honest if you want to do this your probably better off with a dedicated HDD recorder as you get more capacity. Don't get me wrong, DVD-RAM recorders are excellent but if you just intend to use just one disk then you should consider other alternatives.

    The main benefits of DVD-RAM machines can be summerised as:
    - A one box soultion for DVD playback and HDD functionality.
    - Ability to transfer already editted recordings to a PC for for authoring on DVD-R.
    - Ability to record onto highly compatible DVD-R media
    - Ability to export from a camcorder/digital camera (some models only) onto DVD.

    From you post you don't seem to want to do any of this. So I would suggest a HDD standalone instead.

    No - but most of the machines from the major Japanese firms do, i.e. those machines from:
    - Panasonic
    - Toshiba
    - JVC
    - Samsung
    - Hitachi
    All write to DVD-RAM and DVD-R and several models (Toshiba and JVC) also write to DVD-RW.

    fuc847, I notice you quote a price in US Dollars - are you from North America? The only reason I ask is that these forums are UK based and much of the knowledge base/members only have experience in UK marketted equipment which can differ substantially in features and performance from it's North American equivalent. The HDD versus DVD-RAM explanation I have given above is as valid in the US as the UK - but I can't really suggest a HDD model that would suit you as I don't know what factors effect you most in the US. May I suggest looking at:
    I'm not trying to fob you off or anything but many of the issues that affect our purchases here are 'non-issues' in the US/Canada.

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