is there a good 42" screen in the current crop


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Yeah I know, another "what tv should I get" thread...

I am not a complete numpty in this area (tho no expert) and have been crawling the reviews for a few months for an upgrade to my old but good M87 Sammy, but there doesnt seem to be the "tv for me" at the moment, unless I am missing something.

Have a budget c.1200 and have been looking at Panny plasmas but have been really put off by some tech issues noted on threads and (especially) the EPG (adverts and very old-school notupdatedin10years look (not good for a premium product).

Sony LED/LCD - seems the presentation isn't too hot, and i dont like the 2 HDMI on the side thing at al (I need 4 and hidden)

LG plamsa - interesting option but not found a top spec one around 42" (yet)

Tosh - no experience of these

Phillips - seem pricey and not well reviewed

Basically my main usage is:
- Bluray performance
- SD/HD Freeview (tho may give in to the lure of TiVo shortly, which would render the panny EPG thing moot I suppose!)
- Mainly films and dramas, not so much sport (cant get away with Sky Sports at home....yet......)
- PS3 gaming (a little)

I am not currently interested in 3D at all

At the mo it seems only panny are making tv's this size that come highly recommended (all others seem to be up around the 50" mark), but they do seem to have some real-world issues being reported against them.

Is there anything else out there that I am missing?

EDIT: Just realised that LG do a full LED at 42 (42le8900) - looking for a detailed review somewhere tho have found the one on here for the 47"version (which I guess/hope should be comparable)
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On the LG plasma question, only Panasonic make full HD 42s (Samsung and LG have 720p HD ready only). If you're not in a rush to buy and nothing is grabbing you, I'd wait until next summer when the new models will have been reviewed and the prices have come down from the launch RRP :)


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just seen V20 advertised for <900 which seems like a bleedin' bargain... can jsut cross fingers for no degradation of black levels (and ignore the epg adverts!!!!!)
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