Is there a dual freeview harddisk/dvd recorder?



Before Christmas I purchased a Windows Media Centre and it is really not very good. One reason I got this equipment was because I could not find a dual freeview tuner with hard disk and DVD recorder.

Is there anything like this out there now? Or is there anything on the horizon (by which I mean an actual announced product)?

Thanks for any help you can give


No. There isnt... and no immediate prospect of one.

I actually think the liklihood of such products appearing is now less than it used to be as the variety of program delivery methods increases.
Also as more TV's sold have inbuilt Freeview tuners there is less need for such products.


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Pace Twin like all other Freeview PVRs has no DVD recorder. It is a Freeview PVR and not the best choice either.

Actually, there is a forthcoming product called "Reelbox" which is a twin tuner PVR/DVDR/HDD machine. It exists aready without Freeview; the Freeview tuners are coming......

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