Is there a big difference between Domino 20 and the HT300?


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I recently seen the Domino 20 and HT300 demo'd and didn't see a great difference between the two (although the demo was brief and the HT300 on a bigger screen).

Has anyone noticed a great difference when actually viewing the two?

Also, he Domino 20 has the perfect resolution for PAL discs. What is the advantage of having a greater resolution? Will that provide a better picture even though the information retrieved from the DVD only provides the resolution of the Domino 20?

Peter Parker

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One difference between the two is that you can sit closer to the screen with the 300 due to the smaller pixels/reduced screendoor.

In theory, there shouldn't be any difference due to the resolution of DVD as you've already mentioned, but those who've seen the higher res projectors say that there seems to be a smoother picture when compared to the lower res one.

If you're seated further back than 2 times screen width, I think the resolution differences become reduced, at least, that's my experience.



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Your post mentions HT 300.
If it was a 300, not a Plus or an Xtra the Domino 20 will better it on contrast as the original 300 had the HD1 chip with 10 degree mirrors and a contrast ratio of 1100:1.
Gary's right in as much as the higher res unit gives a smoother more film-like image and will suit HD material better.

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