Is there a 4K 120hz switch that supports vrr and earc? Please help!


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Hi guys,

I would really appreciate some help please.
I need a vrr earc 4k 120hz switch to work with full features for both ps5 and Xbox series x with my Samsung q80t tv and Sonos arc soundbar.

My tv only has 1 hdmi 2.1 port.

I currently have a cabledeconn switch from Amazon titled as below:

CABLEDECONN HDMI Ultra HD 8K HDMI 2.1 High Speed 48Gbps Directional Switch Only 2in 1out [email protected] [email protected] Splitter Converter Compatible with Xbox PS5 Projectors Monitors​

I think everything works with the switch I have other than vrr can you please help?

All other switches I can find look exactly the same as what I have just sold under another name.

I did find 1 company that looks like vrr works but then it says it doesn’t support earc so no good for me with my Sonos arc!

Thanks for your help it is much appreciated.


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I feel so annoyed with myself I have been looking into why this is for ages from when the ps5 vrr update came out and it wouldn’t work

It appears at some point (presumably when the tv firmware updated) game mode has been turned off! Turn it back on and all fine!

Sorry to bother you all!

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Good you got sorted with a simple 'fix'.

The HDFury Arcana (single Input) and VRRoom (four Input) are the usual choices for folk with an ARC enabled TV, or are having issues with an eARC enabled TV, and using the SONOS ARC as their Soundbar.

You can add a suitable Switch in front of the Arcana if you do not require all of the additional Features the VRRoom supports.


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