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Is there a 1080p 30-32" >£600?

Basiclly I wil be upgrading my Toshiba 30WL46 in a couple of months and I'm will have a budget of around £600, I could possible stretch above this, and I am looking for a TV to play my PS3 on, and X360 Elite come November/December, at 1080p and I want to have a similar sized set.

Looking for:

*A half decent brand (No Panophonic or Sanyo likes)
*Atleast 2 HDMI
*Be able to display 1080p
*Be around the 30" mark

Help is much appreciated guys :smashin:


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The smallest 1080p set you're going to see for a long time is 37".


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Really no point at that size screen, even 50" screens the difference between 720p and 1080p is slight (assuming same quality scalers).
ok, might aswell close this thread tbh as I've seen a Samsung that does the job-ish so I will be looking to get that in 2 months or so...having saved up some cash...hopefully it will have gone down aswell since the new Sammy's are out now


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Sharp LC37XD1E, 1080p, 37" and it's currently £899.99 from ED. It's not £600 but you won't get any 1080p telly for that amount.


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Spending stupid amounts of money JUST for 1080p isnt worth it. You can't tell the difference, especially at 32". Just get a 720p/1080i HD Ready TV, its all the same.
that sharp looks the business, is it worth another £150 more for that than a Samsung (can't find the model to hand its on a piece of paper somewhere) think its an R74?


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the sharp is worth the extra £150 if only for the fact you get a 37inch screen not a 32inch

and its much better spec'd

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