Is the Xbox 360 Elite Faster...?


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Sounds totally unlikely and weird I know - but I just picked up an Elite as my 360 just Red Ringed and has gone back to MS.

I've noticed that the guide is significantly faster and the animations much smoother than my premium was...?
There is also no longer any tearing when popping up or browsing the Guide..?

Is it faster/slicker or was my premium just naff...??


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My premium is very smooth and quick in the Dashboard - this really improved with the update back in spring. Maybe yours didnt get the update?


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Mines always been bad and everyone ive ever seen has been bad. Microsoft have a great product overall with the capability etc but the hardware i must say is very second rate.


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Only time the dash seems slow for me is when pressing the guide button while I'm playing Gears of War otherwise everything works smoothly and quickly.


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My Elite is incredibly slow when on the dashboard - so much so that its going back tomorrow for an exchange. Its almost like its locking up every time you try to access your Friends List etc :thumbsdow

Shame 'cause the fans were sooooo much quieter than my previous Premiums :)


Elite is just matt black with a 120gb HDD.
It has nothing else different ATM and is still subject to failures that the orignal 360 had.


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Yerah its the guide and friends list etc that is bad would be interested to know if somehow the elite is different?

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