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Is the Wii remote a gimmick?


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Hi all - not sure if this has been explored yet but what do you think of the Wii remote? Is it a gimmick or innovation?

The main reason for asking is that my mates who own Wiis think that the remote is barely a gimmick. They enjoy certain games on the Wii but their overall impression is that the controller is ‘just not right’. Whilst I can relate to that i.e. some games seem great with the controller and others seem rubbish, is this not the case when it comes to the conventional controllers as used by the other consoles?

I personally think it’s an innovation and will grow from strength to strength but my mates seem to think that the Wii and its gimmick control system won’t last.

Sorry if this has been debated else where.



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I think the wii is a completely different system to a traditional games console (at least that's how I generally use it :) )

If I want a traditional game I play it on the PS3... If I want a game that's fun to play with friends and family with a few drinks and being silly then the Wii wins every time.

Whether it will ever compete with traditional consoles... I don't think so, it's after a different sort of market in my eyes.

Will be interesting to see how the motion detection side of things develops... Perhaps one day we'll be wearing Wii suits with full body action movements playing the games? :)


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The Wii-remote is an input device no more, no less.

The question is how relevant is it as an input device, and can it enhance the game experience. It is obvious that its imperfect - otherwise the nunchuck wouldnt exist - but the big question is does it make this game better or worse?

Some games work well with the wii-remote, take Boom Blox; the throwing action is well represented and adds than just using a traditional controller. However the down side is that it's not suited for long game sessions, as repeating a throwing action for hours on end is just going to give you pain.

Other games on the Wii would be far better served with a traditional controller, but they've had the Wii-remote forced upon the game, and it makes it a worse experience IMO.

So gimmick? Sort of. Personally i think the effect of the Wii-remote could be as easily achieved with better hardware/cameras and use an Eye-toy-esque system for a cleaner and potentially more versatile input experience, however as things stand camera input methods arent great and the 1:1 Wii-remote is coming and potentially the best non-traditional controller method we're likely to see until brain implants get perfected...

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