Is the Wii Quiet?!


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My XBOX 360 is _noisy_

Was thinking about getting a Wii, so I can use Opera for web browsing in bed. But its gotta be quiet.

Whats the opinion on noise chaps?

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The fans of a plasma make more noise.....Very quiet indeed...


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no idea, to busy laughing while playing the games:)


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The Wii is very quiet. A fan can be heard if the room is very quiet and you put your ear beside the console but it hardly makes any noise. It is far, far quieter than my 360 - like comparing a whisper to a megaphone.


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Bloody quiet and I'm really sensitive to fans and noisy equipment. I sent my original amp back to Jamo and got a Denon as the fan kept kicking in.


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Definitely very quiet. Infact I can't hear and sound at all from it when it's on.


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I know what you mean about the noise of the Xbox 360. I've got one and it is very loud !

The Wii is much much quieter. The only sound I hear from it is the CD spinning - but if you don't have a CD in the machine then I can't hear it at all.


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