Question Is the UHD40 the right protector for me?


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I've just returned an HD144X (3200 lumen), and need to find a suitable replacement.

I was otherwise satisfied with it, except that the bulb would start flickering in eco mode.

Was used a couple of times a week, Netflix on a Friday night and sport on the weekend, projected on to a white wall

The HD144x was quiet in eco mode and, and bright enough that you could have a small light on, and still easily watch it, if you weren't in the mood for a total cinema experience. Sound quality wasn't an issue as a soundbar took care of things in the audio department

I would have liked a small amount of optical zoom, and smoother motion, they were otherwise small gripes in a package which was good value for money & the use it got, but I guess you get what you pay for!

I'm willing to spend more if it ups the quality, gives some optical zoom, while keeping noise levels on a par with what I'm used to. While 4k isn't make or break, it's nice to have. I'm not sure there's much that can be done about motion judder at £1k or less.

Looking around, the UHD40 seems to tick the boxes although I'm a bit hesitant to go with another Optoma, that being said I expect a projector going for twice the price to have better quality.

Is there a better option?


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To answer my own question :) the end I bought an Acer M550. Why did I go with it over the UHD40?

Well it meets the basic needs as it's quiet and bright enough (2900 lumen), which the UHD40 did too. However in addition, it's got all the nice-to-haves like (pseudo) 4k with a TI 0.66 DLP chip (which puts it closer to a UHD60), as well as frame interpolation, and an optical zoom.

On the downside, from what I've read, there seems to be a fair amount of work to get it setup correctly, but given a time-of-writing £1160 price point, that seems to be a worthwhile trade off.

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