Is the TZ7 still worth a punt?


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Having looked on the auction sites its going between £50 – 90 and was wondering if it was still worth buying? I was thinking my max budget on one of these would be for an excellent condition model for £65 inc delivery.

However, with technology/model advances is it worth just paying the extra for the latest model or buying another 2nd model?

Movie mode HD is a must, not really fussed with manual controls as its all too complicated for me. In summary good pic’s, indoor shots would be a bonus (night time) as I know the above isn’t that fantastic at that. Cheers.


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TZ7 is still perfectly capable and the IQ is probably better than the current models IMO


Distinguished Member fact in Ireland that would be considered an incredible bargain.... ;)


Although my main cameras are DSLR I still use this camera to carry around in the country when walking the dog. Lots of advantages - portable, convenient, easy to store in pockets. Good focal range and good IQ in most situations. Wide range of user controls as well.

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