Is the Sony FQ75 a good investement for under £1000

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Aug 16, 2000
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My friend is looking to get into the widescreen market and has found the Sony FQ75 selling for under £1000.

Apparantly, its now down to less than a grand in Currys which means the internet prices should soon follow soon.

Even if they don't come down on-line, £1000 for the FQ75 sounds like a good price.

I guess that they are doing this because of the iminant release of the FQ80, but the models being sold could also be "graded stock"

I know all about the 'scrolling bars' problem, but believe me, the individual buying the set won't notice them and won't care as he hasn't even got a DVD or anything other than terrestrial TV.

Does anyone know anything more about the price reduction now being offered.
Jon, i recently came across a site selling FQ75's for around £750 iirc.They seemed to be units that the purchasers had rejected for some reason ( can't think why :rolleyes: ) and had been repaired :rolleyes: and re-boxed.They came with a 12 month guarantee,only problem is i can't recall the website.Does this ring a bell with anyone else ? If i can remember where it was i'll post a link.
I think it is!

I've got one but exchanging it for a FQ80 - cause I can!

Great pic. and well worth the low money they are going for now.

SBs are an issue but the benifits of good NTSC support, picture, and everything else generally works well etc. is great.

Focus and purity may be a small niggle too, but they are generally solveable to the untrained eye. You should still get 1yrs warranty.

If I was told I couldn't have an FQ80 I would be angry but not *too* angry as I love the set.

My 2gbps,
I was in a Sony centre today and noticed they are promoting ''graded'' fq 75's. Had a chat with the sales staff about the graded status and all i can say is they played their cards very close to their chest.They wouldn't even admit that the sets had ''issues''. I pressed them for a reason for the graded promotion and was told that '' some customers may have rejected them owing to a minor mark on the sets chassis or some other minor embelishment''. That argument seemed to fall apart when i enquired what other models the shop could offer a graded bargain on,to be told it was only the FQ 75 :rolleyes: . I then asked if they had been rejected because of scrolling bars ? ''Scrolling what '' came the reply as the salesmen looked at each other out of the corner of their eyes. So even with all that has gone before the Sony dealers still won't aknowlege the sb problem.
Yes it is (imo).

I recently purchased a graded 32FQ75 for £849 c/w new stand and 12 months warranty from BE Direct:

The set is in mint condition with no visible SBs with any source DVD, Video, Sky Digital, PS One.

I am very happy:D

If you are tempted can I suggest you buy from a Which? Webtrader approved site. Under the scheme, I believe you are entitled to cancel the order within 7 days of receipt (subject to you covering return postage costs). This way if you get a dog of a set you won't be lumbered with it.

Clearly the 32FQ75 has its problems and is therefore ultimately a risk. I also think that we can have a tendancy to be a little over exacting and small niggles can grow into huge problems. My own solution -is to except that it is only a TV and to try and remember that life is too short!!

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