Is the setup i am planning actually going to work?


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Hi. I am a complete rookie when it comes to setting up these kind of things, so i appreciate any advice about whether my plan is pie in the sky or a goer!

What i intend to have all connected together is as follows:
* XBox 360
* Sky+ box
* Apple TV
* Wireless surround sound system

What I hope I can achieve is to have all the above connected together and working outputting 5.1 Digital surround sound (obviously dependant on the tv show etc being in that format) through the surround sound system, but also able to play it through the tv speakers when i choose.

To do this i plan to connect the HDMI of the XBox 360 direct to the TV and use the optical digital audio cable to connect to the surround sound's base station.
I plan to do the same with both the Apple TV and the Sky box (HDMI direct to tv and optical digital audio cable to the surround sound base station).

The reason I plan to connect it all in this way is so i don't need to have the surround sound system on all the time (i.e. when i am watching certain things that aren't 5.1), hence the HDMIs heading straight to the tv and the audio out to the speaker system.

The known problem i have is that I can't find a surround sound system which has 3 optical digital audio ports, so I will have to use something like the following:
3Way Optical Digital Audio Switcher : AV Splitters Switchers : Maplin

The TV i plan to get is very similar to this (it will have at least 3 HDMI ports on it): Samsung UE37C6530 37-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p: Electronics

The surround sound system I plan to get is: Samsung HT-C555 5.1 ch - 1000W Home Theatre System Half: Electronics

Obviously i have went for the optical digital audio cables as i have heard that the usual RGB ones (sorry i don't know the correct name for them - component?) won't be able to 'use' 5.1 surround sound, only stereo and i think this is the only way to do it without having to run the HDMI through the speakers (which as i said above i am keen to avoid).

Can someone please tell me if this idea is feasible? It's a lot of money for my dream system and i want to make sure i have everything sorted before i take the plunge.

Thank you


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Are you definitely committed to buying that particular home theatre? It's just that it only has a DVD player in it, rather than a Blu Ray player, has very limited external audio connectivity (one optical, one RCA stereo, no digital coaxial!!!!) and seems ridiculously expensive for what you get.

I'm sure for less money you could get a far better home theatre/AV system which offered a lot better connectivity - and may also come with a Blu Ray player built into it, rather than just a DVD player.

Also, you say you are planning to connect a Sky+ box to it via optical, which makes sense, but then you say you are going to connect Sky+ to your TV using HDMI. Sky+ doesn't have a HDMI socket on it - only Sky HD supports HDMI. If you do mean Sky HD rather than Sky+, then you will also know that this supports both optical and digital coaxial out - which is another reason to consider getting a home cinema/surround sound system which supports both optical and digital coaxial in rather than that Samsung thing.


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Hi. Thank you for taking the time to write that detailed reply.
By no means is that the surround sound system I wanted - it's simply the one that I had to choose. The reason I say this is due to the layout of the room it will go in, I need tallboy style speakers and I would like 4 rather than 2.

Also (again because of the room layout) I need the rear speakers to be wireless although power cables are fine - that is because of a door that will be in the room near where the speakers will go.

I also wanted a lot more ports on the receiver and as you say blu ray, but I can't find anything else that matches my above requirements of 4 (rear ones wireless) tallboys.

I ended up just googling and finding random systems as I couldn't see a website that allowed my to apply filters to my searches.

If you know of a good website to find the ideal system or know of one that meets my needs, please do let me know.


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