Is the Samsung LE40R51BX a good tv mostly for gaming? (360, PS2, GC, PS3, dvd player)

Discussion in 'Samsung TVs Forum' started by Proto Omega, Mar 18, 2006.

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    I am seriously considering buying this TV as I heard good things about it and its cheaper than other LCD tv's of the same size.

    I will be using it for 360, PS3 (when its out), GC, PS2 and watching dvd movies on my player. Is this a good tv to get? Not really interested in Sky or Freeview. So its basically 85% gaming and 15% watching movies on it I'll be using it for.

    I heard issues of tearing has this been fixed yet? And did it only happen to some people/first models at 60hz NTSC or all of them? I know theres a firmware update but havent they implemented it within the current LE40R51BX sets now?

    Also I read recently that a lot of people are screwed because they wont be able to watch HD movies on their HD sets because they dont have a proper HD tv or something? Its to do with HDMI connection and copy protection but playing PS3 Blu-ray movies using the HDMI connection shouldnt be a problem on this set right?

    This might be a silly question but does this TV come with different aspect ratio size adjustments like CRT ones? such as 4:3 for non WS games, zoomed in with 14:3 etc? I still play on my PS2 and GC and it looks a little ugly playing non-widescreen games if i switch to 16:9 on my current Sony Wega 32" WS.

    Most of the stuff I will be using will be in NTSC and/or 60hz. Does it plays fine in these modes? Almost all my PS2 games are NTSC and my xbox 360 is set to 60hz as well. The movies I watch on my dvd player are most of the time NTSC too.

    The PS3 will be able to output at 1080p but most current LCD TV's dont support and the ones that do are really expensive but again, I'm not really bothered too much because I doubt many games will use it as it will be a big performance drop in terms of framerates for the game. I'll probably order this TV tomorrow and have it in time for Oblivion on Xbox 360 :)

    I'm also considering buying the LE40M61BX. I know this one is more expensive but has a superior picture, and better contrast?

    But need some input on how good it is. Thanks guys.

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