is the samsung le32m61b good for xbox 360


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im considering buying this set for xbox 360 and dvds
could anybody tell me if the samsung le342m61b
is good with the xbox 360.

ps... some pics would be appreciated



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I have little to compare with but can give you the following info...

I've just spent a good whack on a 5.1 sound system from Sevenoaks and whilst there, the salesman told me that the Sammy has one of the best audio set ups of any of the current crop of LCDs. (He wasn't trying to sell it as I already had one).

From personal experience... when watching normal telly, I don't use the 5.1, just the telly speakers and I think they sound great.

I hope that helps :smashin:


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i would love to get a good 5.1 sound system but i just dont have the room
i dont really have the room to get a small system to be honest.
thats why it is imprtant to me not only to get an lcd that looks good but sounds good as well.
so it looks like the samsung is my number 1 choice at the moment.

thanks for your help:)

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