Is the Samsung Crt HDTV as big as it gets?


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I've been reading the threads for the new samsung hdtv with interest as I intend to upgrade from my trusty panny 36 incher but I'm not too keen on going back to 32 inchers as I'm so used to my current box.
Is this the only crt based hdtv model that samsung (or anyone else for that matter) are marketing for the UK?


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I don't beleive 36" CRT is around any more - most of the tubes were made in the USA and the factories have shut. The shipping costs of such a monster from Asia is just not competitive these days compared to the sales price.


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I must admit when my ws32z419 arrives I'll be relegating my (still very good) Panny TX25 to the back room with a satisfied regret, it's a brilliant TV, 11yrs old and only broke down once (a minor switch problem).
It still has a fantastic picture too.

I did hear that 32" is pushing it for good geometry (hence many of the gripes from some about the Sammy) so I suppose 36" takes the potential for problems even further.
Perhaps that's why no-one seems to be thinking of offering a monster (and with the Sammy 32" @ 53kg (over 110lbs) in weight maybe that's a blessing your floorboards will enjoy!

It's a shame Panasonic aren't doing these CRT HD TV's cos I'd be more than happy to have a new one in a flash.


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53Kg-is that all:D My Sony HQ100 weighs in @ over 120Kg with the stand:suicide: Ask the delivery men to stick it upstairs for a laugh:rotfl:


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It came today, yeeaaaayh! :thumbsup:

120kg with stand DRGL?!

Wow, mosterous indeed. :devil:

Mind you Samsung were kind to the delivery guys, the stand is in a separate box!
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