Is the Pioneer 656 capabile of Progressive Scan

This is getting sill now... No-one seems to know whether the 656 can actually do Progressive Scan (NTSC)

Even magazine reviews contradict each other.

What Hifi say that "PS was ommited"

HomeEntertainment say that it does NTSC PS (and even comment that PAL is possible courtisy of your 'local hot rodder'.

Does anyone have a 656 connected to a Progressive compatable input and can confirm that it actually does P.S??

richard plumb

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can't help you, but its about time that magazines aimed at home cinema audiences actually included progressive tests.


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Totally agree - very frustrating situation. Might be worth ringing Pioneer UK to get an opinion - Uncle Eric mentioned someone there stated that the UK models can do NTSC PS. I assume Uncle Eric also knows the details but isn't allowed to say.

I have a 656 and prog scan display (Pio 433MXE), but no NTSC material. Any ideas how I could get an NTSC disk cheaply to try it? In any case, my gut feeling is that since the Prog Scan option is toggled via a front-panel switch on the US version, a handset or similar hack must be required to switch the output on the UK model.

There's nothing in the manual or on the outside of the player that gives any clues.



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Just to add Jon, that the NTSC PS question is annoying from a "nice to know" perspective, but not crucial to me as my DVD collection is (obviously from above post) all R2.

What would get me much more interested (and many others) is if there was a mod that gave PAL PS. Doesn't sound likely though given that Uncle Eric seems to have drawn a blank on this possibility, and I expect he's done more research on this than anyone else.



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The American and European versions of the 656 are different. The European plays DVD-A and SACD; the American doesn't play SACD. The American has progressive scan and the European doesn't.

I trust on this: "Für Anschluss ist auf jeden Fall gesorgt, denn es ist alles vorhanden, was man braucht: So beispielsweise zwei Scartbuchsen, von denen eine auch RGB-tauglich ist, und ein YUV-Komponentenausgang, der allerdings nur Interlaced-Bildsignale ausgibt." i.e. "only outputs an interlaced video signal".

Phil, if you want NTSC material, you just have to visit and select "R1 DVD Title".


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Thanks for the info. I should have been more explicit when I said "cheaply" I meant somewhere close to FREE, or at least less than £1 :D


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Sorry, I haven't made myself clear (again). I'm aware of the Powerbuy thread.

The UK high-street 656As are not shipped with NTSC PS as an advertised feature - there is no mention of it in any Pioneer material/ marketing I've seen. The button that switches the US models between NTSC interlaced and progressive is a "video on/off" switch on the UK models (apparently designed to allow you to turn off any video output during SACD/ DVDAudio playback).

I assume Uncle Eric is able to offer 10 players with NTSC PS because he knows something we don't.

That (and perhaps guaranteed availability) is the main reason for buying through the Power Buy as Richer Sounds offer it at £329 on the high-street.

Thats not that I read Uncle Erics power buy.

He says that he can only offer the power-buy (at £329) if he can get 10 orders.

He also says that they are UK models, direct from Pioneer with a full UK guarantee.

I am assuming that he has done a deal to get a good price, but he must order atleast 10.

I don't beleive that he has only got 10.. I think the fact is that he must get ATLEAST 10 orders.

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