Is the JVC GR-D31 a good one to get ?


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These are on ebay for £280 brand new so I'm tempted to get one as they look well designed also. Are they any good how do they compare with other DV camcorders ?

A few reviews of the D30 said they did'nt work very well in low light etc so I'm wondering if the D31 has improved on this and other problems the D30 apparently had ?


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Try the JVC GRD23 / GRD33 - probably pick them up for a similar price away from ebay (try pricerunner.com)

JVC look to be leading the way with the 2004 range.

I'm going to demo the GRD73 tomorrow.


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I had a feeling that the 31 model is a unique version sold by Dixons, PC World or Currys.

When I looked at it, it seemed like the 30 but renumbered so Dixons can call an 'Exclusive' deal

I have the almost identical GRD50 (slightly more features, same performance) and low lighting is a problem, as with virtually ALL DV camcorders in the under £600 range.

In a fair lit room, it works ok, in dim light, it's useless as is it's Nightvision option (it really isn't much use)

On the whole, the camcorders perform very well for the price.

I'd possibly get the newer models that are now coming out.


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I actually have this GR-D31 and am impressed.

Good picture quality, DV-in as well as out. It looks like the GR-D20 and fitted in my jacket pocket while I was in Dorset last week.

So far i've used it both indoors and out, and as long as there is decent light (i.e the main light of the room) the picture is good.

Good performance for the price.

(p.s It was 299 from Dixons but I got it with a leather holdall and a pack of 5 JVC tapes for an extra 30)
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