Is the JVC AV32T25 soon to be replaced?


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Feb 10, 2004
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I'm looking at buying one of these (JVC AV32T25 ) 32" TVs for £510 and just wondered if it is due to become obsolete/get replaced by a new model in the next few weeks?

It's not a big issue really, I'm just interested - There always seems to be something bigger & better to buy!

Also, any general comments about this set? Worth the money or not?

Anyway, any ideas?
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No idea if the set is to be replaced or not.

I purchased mine in December last year £510.00 and apart from some colour purity issues. I am very happy with the set.

Mind you I have only just started noticing what I can only describe as a "shooting star" (very small) going from left to right on the screen. I can only presume this is something to do with the scanning lines. My girlfriend doesnt notice it but it is definately there tho only occasionally.

I did get an engineer out to deal with the colour purity issue - he manually degaussed the set and it seemed to improve it, but it is definately still there - he said that this would be within manufacturers tolerance :(
I am considering getting an engineer out again about the "shooting star" thing, but it happens so rarely and he might not even see it ( dont know if anyone else out there has encountered this issue before - it might be broadcast related or a power issue - any ideas?)

I havent yet gone down the route of linking up speakers so at the moment I am just using the sets own - which I find fine :)

Apart from the above 2 issues I am very happy with the set - nice clear picture - Auto sizes well for different broadcasts. Its viewed through NTL digital STB via RGB Scart - note that only one of the three scarts is RGB enabled and you are unable to change any brightness/contrast/sharpness/colour settings on the rgb scart.

I watch dvd's through either "normal" scart or s-video beacuse you can adjust brightness etc and the picture is great.

If I could clear up the purity issue and the scanning line thing I would class it as near perfect.

As being worth the money - well there are guys/gals on this forum that have paid more than twice the money for their sets ie Pannys/Tosh etc and have more problems - so in my case yes worth the money.

Hope this helps with your decision.
It is due to be replaced with the AV-32T4 around April. This has a slightly different cabinet with a more rounded look, Picture/Text mode and a new remote control design as well as a few other minor changes. The R4, which replaces the R25 also has Dolby Prologic II and Virtual Dolby.
Thanks for the info.

Any reviews on this new set yet or anywhere where I can read more about it?

Is the RGB brightness problem fixed?

Apologies for the questions but I'd rather wait a few weeks and get a better set rather than rushing and buying one for the sake of it.

Unbeatable have it listed for £569 - Cheaper than their price for the old model AV32T25 - Strange......
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You won't find any reviews just yet as full production hasn't started. I've tested it with a DVD player and Pace Freeview box with no problems. The price reduction is just down to market forces. Newer models are either cheaper than the model they replace or offer more features or, in this case, both.
Thanks Gary for the comments.

Looks like I might be waiting a few weeks more! Sounds like a good set.
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